The art of being Californian, it seems, is to cultivate a loose-limbed insouciance while secretly working away like a frantic ant.

--Richard Fortey The Earth: An Intimate History

Friday, April 24, 2009

another brief interlude

And no, I'm not just trying to buy time while I write up more travel stuff . . . as far as you know.

Yesterday, I went with two wonderful friends to SDMA's Culture and Cocktails event.

Apparently, the dress I wore was a magic dress. No less than four people (three of them men) actually sought me out to complement me on the dress. And two of them complemented me twice in the evening. And then some vodka representative wanted to take a picture of the three of us (though I'm willing to allow that the photographing event could have occurred because my friends are H.O.T.T. and not because of the dress).

This dress happens to be about 10 or 11 years old. I'm amazed that these people thought it was worthy of remark.

I'm secretly convinced that they could see my underwear lines.

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